Every great establishment has a great story and Waxys is no different. The story goes, late one night a popular candle maker, nicknamed “Waxy” was settled in for the evening the flat above his shop, when a raging inferno erupted from within the shop. Somehow, “Waxy” was able to escape the blaze without a scratch. Once word began to spread around the town, about his amazing good fortune, people began to associate the name “Waxy”, with lucky. The townsfolk could not believe how lucky he was, even after seeing the candle maker and the demolished shop for themselves. This is also how the slang version of lucky was dubbed Waxy.

Waxy O’Connor’s Irish Pub & Restaurant is the premier Irish pub experience in the United States. We pride ourselves on giving you the essence of the Emerald Isle without having to cross the Atlantic. With seven carefully hand-crafted locations, Waxys brings an authentic Irish pub setting to regions through the U.S.


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